Inês Catarina Pinto
Communication + Research
Curious about digital media, internet trends and communities?
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Inês is a communication strategist and researcher with a mission: to bring more knowledge and meaning to digital media.

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Online content can be more than a mirror for self-delusion. That's why I create digital communication strategies made for humans, not for algorithms. Social media, online communities, and newsletters are some of the tools I use daily. My aim is to bring people together in a meaningful way.

I work in the fields of culture, art, and design. Currently, I'm managing the communication of the Porto Design Biennale, a global gathering organized by esad-idea research in design and art. I also had the pleasure to work for Manifesto and Festival de Cinema de Aventura - the first one is an editorial lab and a documentary photography gallery, the second one is a film festival promoted by Nomad.

Based on a growing interest in how we consume content online, I founded Nevoazul - a research and editorial project on the good side of the Internet. We have published four printed magazines and are now working on our next issue. This issue will be out in October 2022 and has the support of DGArtes/Ministry of Culture. Recently, we also launched our first curatorial project: The Internet Index.

From content strategy to information architecture, I also do some work in the UX field where I create a solid foundation inside a website or app, to make sure the content is easy to find. With the right organization and flow, users can navigate between screens without effort.

If you’d like to chat or learn more about my work, feel free to send me an email.