Inês Catarina Pinto
Communication + Research
Curious about digital media, internet trends and communities?
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Inês is a communication strategist and researcher with a mission: to bring more humanity and meaning to digital media.

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I spend my days idealizing and creating communication strategies that are made for humans, not for algorithms. Believing that the Internet can help us grown, learn and connect, I help cultural institutions and technologists to use social media platforms, online communities, and mailing lists as mindful tools to bring us together. Backed up with research principles, I create digital media strategies that protect people's time and attention, showing that online content can be more than a mirror for self-delusion. 

Curious about online identities and worldwide web neighborhoods, I founded Nevoazul, a magazine about how we deal with content in the information age. Since 2016, we have edited four issues, presented our work at Instituto, and organized a talks program at Criatech - Digital Creativity & Technology.

I currently spend my days as a community manager at Porto Design Biennale where I'm responsible for everything related to communications, social media, and content creations under the theme Alter-Realities: Designing the Present. Before that, I had the chance to work with ManifestoFestival de Cinema de Aventura, and Nomad, among several others. 

I also do some user researcher work, helping digital services to uncover the barriers or frustrations users have. The most recent work I developed in this field was for Classe B. I conducted exploratory user interviews with freelancers from different professions to understand their needs and worries as independent workers in Portugal.

If you’d like to chat or learn more about my work, feel free to send me an email.